Northmead Assembly of God | Plot 2131 Paseli Rd, Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia.

Life Groups

NAOG Home Groups/Cells Ministry exists to provide an avenue for materialising pastoral care at a more personal level, in order to nurture the spiritual growth of every believer in the Assembly.

It is designed to be an interactive rallying point for believers to SHARE the life of Christ in reality, through small groups gathering in selected homes.

A Pastor assisted by a cells Executive Committee, leads the Ministry. Coordination of the work is done through 5 demarcated regions, which are further divided into 17 zones, currently. The various homes in which believers meet constitute sections and are each led by a Cell Leader assisted by an Assistant Cell Leader.

CENTRAL REGION – comprises of Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17

Zone 1 Sections – Roma, Ngombe, Kalundu . Contact us for a specific cell home in these areas.

Zone 2 Sections – Olympia Park and Olympia Extension.

Zone 3 Sections – Northmead East, Northmead West & Thornpark.

Zone 4 Sections – UNZA, Jesmondine, Chudleigh, Handsworth, Munali.

Zone 17 Sections – Chilulu, Lima, Luangwa, Garden

EASTERN REGION – comprises of Zones 5, 6 and 7

Zone 5 Sections – Chainama, Kaunda Square, Chamba Valley, PHI

Zone 6 Sections – Helen Kaunda, Kalingalinga, Mutendere

Zone 7 Sections – Avondale, Chelstone, Chainda, Kamanga, Villa Wanga

NORTHERN REGION – comprises of Zones 8 and 9

Zone 8 Sections – Emmasdale, Matero, Villa Elizabetha, Lilanda, CHunga, Lusaka West (Mungwi Road), Rock Gardens, Barlastone Park, Zingalume, Desai

Zone 9 Sections – Chipata, Chaisa, Mandevu, Marapodi, Chazanga, Kabanana, Ngwerere