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Africa Arise 2020 – ARISE AND ACT

Africa Arise 2020 – by Beza International Ministries

February 2019 marked the 10th Africa Arise to be hosted by the Beza International Ministries. 10 years filled with wonders and also with warfare for the destiny of the continent and her people. In our humble beginnings, this movement has stretched with wings over the continent, echoing ‘a cry in the wilderness’, calling to Africa to arise and claim its God-given destiny. So far, it has been a time to lay the foundation, to discover and define our destiny and to align the body of Christ across the continent with the vision. In 2020, in the first year of the second decade, we believe it is time to move towards action.

“Awake O sleeper, and arise from the dead. And Christ will shine on you.” Eph 5:14

God is blowing a spirit of awakening and calling to Africa. Africa has stayed dormant, a passive follower for so long; but as power shifts, and the globe is in turmoil, we see that humanity is waiting for Africa to step into its role as a real leader in the areas that God has ordained it for.

Unlike any other time in history, if Africa chooses to arise and raise its voice, it will be the right time. It is time for Africa to act and act decisively. The time is now, and the generation is this one!

The past year’s conference focused on the theme ‘NOW IS THE TIME’. Redeeming the ‘NOW’ means to seize the moment for God’s agenda. In this year’s conference, we will focus our attention on calling to Africa to Arise for ACTION NOW. Clear action, Big action and Prompt action; and this is in the following areas:

  1. For Peace and Reconciliation

  2. For Unity

  3. For Kingdom Missions

  4. For Global Leadership